Fun Street Food – Taipei Taiwan

One thing your will come to enjoy in Taiwan is the easy access street food, when you get hungry just stop and get many different food items. Below we had just done a lot of walking and got a juicy piece of pineapple and sat down in front of the starbucks.

Enjoying some fresh cut pineapple!

Ice Cream, Fried Squid, Chicken, Roast Corn, Fried Sweet Potato, Sausages, Mango, Pineapple, Papaya, Bubble Tea… These are just a few of the food items you can obtain by stopping at a street side stall or shops. Many times you can have street food in a little box or bag within seconds and be on your way. Its very fun to taste all the different things and even though each item does not cost a lot you can spend quite a bit if you don’t watch the wallet and resist temptation!

Here is a more unique street vendor in Wulai, not far out of Taipei, the lady behind is a indigenous Atayal citizen with a business selling roast hog, they cut off little portions at a time and put sauce on it with salad.

First time to see a whole roast pig displayed.

Enjoying a small roast pig portion with some salad vegetables.

Tasty buttery crunchy pork with sauce

After getting food we just continued walking along nibbling food as we walked with the flow of people. Here we paused in the middle of the the street to eat a couple very tasty bites in a brief moment before continuing on.


You can also stop by a Family Mart or 7-Eleven convenience shop. They don’t have gas or petrol but are full fledged convenience stores otherwise. Most of them have stools and a small bench where you can sit and enjoy your snack for 10 to 15 minutes while watching to go by traffic.


We had just walked a bit, very hungry and focused on devouring the hot dog. Suddenly aware of the unflattering picture being taken!


It’s very easy to find food and get a quick bite on the go from a street vendor. If you would rather find a place to sit inside a shop and enjoy a snack and drink in climate control while watching the busy street traffic that’s a great option as well.

These types of food stops can be a great tie over before a major meal, and with doing a lot of touring and walking, a quick break with drink or snack can be just what you need before continuing on your journey.

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