Hot Pot Cuisine – Cooked On Table!

Another fun thing to do in Taipei is go to a Hot Pot Restaurant,  In the hot pot restaurants they allow you to select your meat or vegetable options and bring out the mix and fire up a gas burner that is installed right on your table.


The larger hot pot places had the burners installed in the tables themselves. It takes about 10-15 minutes till your mix is well cooked and then you can begin to pull your favorite pieces out and eat.

and sometimes they just have a tabletop burner that they set right on top with a small gas cylinder inside the unit.  Broccoli, Noodles, Beef, and and bunch of other goodies floating around inside!


Nancy is very talented with wielding a set of chopsticks!

P_20170119_195552 (1)

I did great with the chopsticks too but also had the soup spoon as a handy backup.

Another fun thing about the hot pot places is that some have free unlimited tea, unlimited rice and unlimited ice cream. Once you pay for your hot pot dish all the other things are included, although the cups and bowls for the free stuff are kind of small so multiple trips may be required.





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