Monument – George Leslie Mackay – Tamshui Taiwan

Along the busy sidewalk along the market in Tamsui Taiwan after walking past the many busy shops, you will suddenly come upon this unique statue of a praying kneeling man, a tribute to George Leslie Mackay right in front of the busy Starbucks.

The plaque reads:

” At 3 O’ Clock in the afternoon on March 9,1872, a British Canadian missionary Dr Rev. George Leslie Mackay went ashore from a passenger ship. “Sea Dragon”. He then chose to settle in Tamshui as his home and the place for his missionary, medical, and educational work. He got married, raised his children, and passed away here. His legendary life is profoundly influential to the unique history and culture of Tamshui.

Dr. Mackay’s bronze statue was established on December 27, 2007 in memory of his life.  The statue displays the spirit of Dr Mackay’s religion; he prays with his one leg down aside a boat together with one suitcase and a bible. The artistic work was created based on Dr. Mackay’s ideals and virtue and his dedication to save lives. Accompanied with waves of Tamshui River splashing the shore, it is intended to draw tourists attention to the history of Tamshui, and pass on the local historical spirit as well as become a landmark of Tamshui representing the golden Tamshui river coast.”

Lean more about the local history of Tamshui and George Leslie Mackay Here Borneo Post Online

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