No Licence Required! – E-Scooter

One of the fun things to do if your in Tamshui Taipei is rent a E-Scooter and zip around town! Some of the shops that sell bubble tea also do bike rentals, all you have to do is get a photocopy of your passport, leave them a 1000 NT ($30 USD)  deposit and depending on how many hours you use the bike it they will deduct from the 1000 NT, if you use it all day for 8 hours they charge the full 1000 NT.

Driving break in the park

While no licence is required you had better have some scooter skills in the busy sections and keep the impromptu traffic rules, number one rule being don’t cut out suddenly to the left or your likely to be hit by a very fast passing car.

A unusually empty section of road, perfect for a selfie!

For some reason I don’t know why we didn’t fit the stereotype and got a lot of quick glances as pedestrians noticed that this foreigner guy with a white helmet hat trying to drive a scooter, I was fine at high speeds but a little wobbly at low speeds on sidewalks. (Yes, you can drive slowly on sidewalks with the E-Scooters no fines)

Ready to rock and roll!

I wouldn’t have known that I could drive one of these without a licence except for Nancy’s expert and familiar guidance around town.


I think she was tired of my scooter skills and ready to take back the controls!

If your wanting to zip around and have a lot of fun these E-scooters are great, you don’t have to go on the main roads where there are larger vehicles if you don’t want to, you can just go up and down the wharf at easy speeds and enjoy it thoroughly!




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