Scenic and Enjoyable – Taipei Taiwan

Taipei is a very clean city, I was struck right away with the clean and pleasant streets. Its is designed for pedestrians traffic, and a 30-45 minute metro ride gets you to most popular destinations within the city.



Walking to the market, umbrella for a reason sun is very intense!


Stunning morning view over the many apartments.


Enjoying some shade!


At the Metro!


Great view on this particular section of metro!


At Starbucks in the ac taking a break from the heat of the day.


Unique view out the window, mesmerizing watching traffic.


View from Bali looking towards Tamshui district  Taipei Taiwan.


Enjoying the shade, exhausted from the heat of the day, we were literally lying under the trees trying to get some energy while drinking some juice.


Heat in the day in Taiwan can be a challenge in the summer months, take lots of fluids and wear sunscreen or don a hat.  The best thing to do is nap during the day, then go out after 6pm, its cooler and thats when the night markets really get fun with lots of activity.

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