How To Travel in Taipei – A Guide 

If your visiting the scenic city of Taipei Taiwan chances are you will want to get out and see the sights. Figuring out how to get to these wonderful destinations can be a challenge. Don’t get stressed out! Reading this will help you get a better handle of what to expect.
Here are some popular and fun methods and modes of transportation for tourists.

One of the most fun and effective ways to get where you want to go! Here we are after a journey back from a long day out and about exploring. You can buy credit for specific trips or use a pre loaded metro card that you can purchase at the closest metro access terminal office. The metro trains arrive and depart in regular intervals.


Someone you have to get on a bus to get the the metro, or you want to hop from one place to another and can’t use or don’t need the metro because the route or the distance. To go from Taipei to a nearby village Wulai requires a bus ride because unfortunately the metro doesn’t extend that far! Wulai is known for its hot springs and is quite popular so you may have to stand for the first 20 minutes of the trip before a seat opens up.


When it’s raining cats and dogs and you don’t even want to risk walking a couple blocks to get to the bus stop or station you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do! Flagging a taxi may be your best option in moments of crisis like a sudden downpour, or coming back late and not wanting to wait for a bus.  Depending how far you need to go it varies in cost but to go a short distance is not to bad and is a life saver in the moment.   If you don’t speak Chinese that’s ok as long as you have a picture of your address and or or hotel name to show the taxi driver,  they will nod excitedly once they understand where you want to go.  Not the cheapest mode of transportation but it works and works fast.


Renting a scooter and having the ability to zip around to various sites and markets is a really enjoyable.  (I wrote a whole article about E-Scooter rentals because it’s so fun.)  Below is us on a super empty road, hence the stop by the side and selfie! However, most roads will require your to be more nimble in your balancing, breaking, accelerating, merging, and not getting crushed by a larger vehicle.


Rentals for bicycles are also available, you can rent on a hourly basis or daily.  Single and tandem bikes area available many places, bike and scooters allow you to explore a several kilometer radius comfortably and get back in good time when your done visiting popular tourist destinations and street food vendors.


And lets not forget, Walking!

No matter what mode of transportation your using you will be doing plenty of walking in between. And if you would like you can simply walk through parts of the city.  As you walk along especially the food markets it’s very enjoyable to take your time and taste samples of the different foods and look for nice gifts and trinkets you might like to give to someone you know.


In short, any mode of transportation you choose will work, and it may take several modes to get to where you want to go.  Make sure you enjoy the journey and don’t get frustrated and ruin the destination by stressing about the transportation!

You can always stop and ask for directions,  but be aware,  If pedestrians don’t know what your asking or where your intended destination is, they may just point down a random street and say, emphatically,  “That way!” which serves the purpose of politely allowing you to part ways friends with no embarrassment to them of not knowing where you want to go. But all that does is help you get more exercise after you walk 4 blocks and realize your not closer to where you want to go. If your lost, ask several times along the way so that you know your directions are accurate until you see the landmarks your expecting.

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