Boundless Potential – Growing in Beauty and Grace 

It’s amazing that when you meet someone at any stage of life your only getting a tiny snapshot of who they are. Everything that has made them who they are up to that brief point in time when you cross there path.

When you meet a person, especially a young person, you may see a smiling child, or a awkward teenager or young adult struggling to find their sense of purpose. But beyond those immediate realities, don’t forget that your also looking at someone with boundless potential!

Nancy dancing a traditional dance in school (center)

Nancy came from humble beginnings, she  was born in the small Pacific nation of Tuvalu. She went to school in the early days barefeet, and with a small lunch tin and improtu home made water bottle.

Everything is cool! 

Here at secondary boarding school, she was away from home for nearly 4 years at boarding school without a single trip home to visit her parents, usually just a phone call with a blessing and a prayer once a month was the only communication home.

Cousin “Sister” company

That’s when it’s especially nice to have cousins sisters along for company.

Big winning smile

This is a older picture but shows a wonderful habit that has been cultivated over the years. Its especially nice being around Nancy because you don’t have to be in her presence for long before her face will light up with a big smile and laughter that spreads warmth and good feelings through the room.

Family rooting for each other!

Pictured above Dad, (Maeaga)  Mom, (Falelogo) Brother (Temotu) Sister (Gutu) and Galoto / Nancy.  Her name Galoto sounds like Naloto when pronounced, so that’s where Naloto morphed into Nancy as comfortable name to go by that everyone can pronounce correctly at first reading.

Cousins are golden company!

Here in the early days of University in Taipei Taiwan,  basically as soon as she finished high school (secondary school as they call it) she applied to several scholarships and got accepted by Taiwan into a International Healthcare and Nursing Management program.

Colors! Pacific Islander Style

Lots of hard work and many classes and assignments later, nearly 4 years later and what a relief to have graduation right around the corner, as in days away!!

Class of 2017!

Here is a striking picture below,

All grown up! Where did the years go?

I love the pic because it says so many things, the forward motion of life, growing in beauty, growing in maturity and grace. Accomplishing and achieving potential that have made her family and community proud. Her prayers, determination,  and tenacity to do her best has been remarkable.


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