Adventures in the City – Trading in Textbooks

Mid June 2017 Nancy’s four dedicated years of study had just come to an end with a happy graduation. I had just flown to Taipei from North Carolina after taking a leave from work. We were enjoying days off of work and school in the city before flying to Suva Fiji. During the visits to the noodle shops and shopping bazaars we fit in some last details that needed to be done. One task was finding a new home for the university textbooks Nancy had accumulated and no longer needed. Thankfully one of the professors at university had given her a contact of a special bookstore that took used textbooks and special it was!

We filled my suitcase with all the textbooks in buckets and along the side till it could hold no more and and then we hopped in a taxi and headed to the bookstore. Fifteen minutes later we arrived on the street were the bookstore was located. Out we went and lugged the very heavy travel bag up the sidewalk and into the entryway of the building, and lo and behold there was a small elevator which took us up several floors to the bookstore. Taking the elevator directly up and into a bookstore was very interesting and a something of a surprise you might say.

Upon arrival we didn’t see anyone abut then we heard a rustle of books and a man emerged from one of the isles laden with stacks of books. We unzipped the suitcase and stacked up the many books for the shopkeeper to scan and offer his best price.

The Shopkeeper was a bit of a talker you might say and proceeded to ask many questions and tell us many details of his life story while scanning books into his system. He would tell us how certain books were worth less because they were “last years edition” which was true and still funny like he was trying to haggle us down with the payout. We were at his mercy because the only other option we had right then was to either leave the textbooks at university for free, or try to get some cash from this avenue. he would say I give you $3 for this used small book” and Nancy the negotiator she was would out counter ” $7 dollars” it was very funny and he the shopkeeper would say “oh you very active, very good!” and then look at me and say ” you very intelligent man, she very good!” commending me that my gal was a trying to get the good price on the books. We had a lot of fun with the bookstore trip.

Later that day we used the modest sum from the book sale to go to the massage therapy shop Nancy got her nails done and she let me get a nice back massage which I very much enjoyed. Then we went to the noodle shop and get some big bowls of beef soup which were very tasty.


Small Adventures become big adventures when done together. And then the adventure becomes a memory that can be enjoyed by thought for years to come.

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