Goodbye Taipei – Onwards to Suva Fiji!


scenic view from elevated metro station


Interesting moment of a father sons trio waiting beside us for the oncoming metro.



Here enjoying a bubble tea drink in the metro station before leaving Taiwan.




….and even getting a bit of nap in the park!




Then the time came for us to head to the airport with our traveling companion, Nancy’s sweet cousin Agape.



Oh wait, Companions! looks like Teddy has a impromptu passport. 🙂


And off we go.

2017-06-28-13-20-24-109After the flight was in the air for a bit Nancy asked the passenger pictured here in teddy could sit beside him to which he promptly said yes!  it was so fun traveling with a over sized teddy bear,  Kids in the airport and the stewardesses on the plane all smiled brightly when they saw Nancy holding the teddy bear.


In Hong Kong Airport Terminal 207


Onwards to Suva Fiji!


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