Landing in Nadi Fiji – Taxi to the Countryside

Our small traveling band landed in Nadi Fiji where the international airport in Fiji is located.  Instead of immediately flying or busing  up to Suva Fiji we stayed with some friendly cousins on the outskirts of Nadi, about 15 minutes out from the city center in the countryside.

We grabbed a taxi and the really nice taxi driver Harish took us to our destination.  He also gave us his phone number and said that we could call him at any time if we were needing his service.  Which I thought was pretty nice because most taxi drivers did not give that friendly service offer, and because we actually found out that we did need his service again the next day.





Harish, having learned the previous day through a conversation with me that I liked curry chicken, actually had his wife make me a big curry chicken tin with flatbread (unbelievable) which he brought the next day for breakfast for me when he picked us up to go to town.  So I actually enjoyed a tin of curry chicken while we rode to town. Cant beat a taxi driver that brings you breakfast, It pays to make friends quickly!


Out we drove through the beautiful countryside outside Nadi Fiji.



Until we arrived at the little cottage where we were to stay.



With a pleasant view of the mountains as in the background over the rolling farms and homesteads in the valley.

IMG_20170630_095349_HDR (1).jpg

A chicken enclosure in the back yard.

IMG_20170630_101347_HDR (1).jpg

my fiance catching up with old friends and me getting to know them for the first time.  Going to the local swimming pool in the nearby river.


IMG_20170630_102227 (1).jpg

Reconnecting cousins that haven’t seen each other in a while.  Enjoyable couple of days before we headed north.



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