Special Treat – Beauty Treatments!

With our wedding coming up in less than 3 weeks, what could be more fun than getting your hair done!  It was a slower Wednesday evening when we found ourselves in the  Shilin Night Market   a popular destination for many goods and services.  Nancy had been wanting to get a facial and her hair done in a special style.  We found the place to get the facial first and they went to work doing what they do best, making people feel and look their best.


After this stage we headed to the place we remembered a hair shop being and went up the the second floor story where we could watch the people casually walking below us up and down this particular street of the market.  The salon expert sat down and helped Nancy select a nice style she liked and then went to work.



I sipped tea while the stylist did one stage then another.



They finally got to the place where they had the curlers on and it was quite the setup, but as you can see in the photograph my fiance was confident that it would look great in the end.



As you can see in these 2 pictures below Nancy was VERY happy at how her hair turned out.



And now that we look and feel better its time for a selfie!


Then we headed to a bubble tea shop to get a cold drink!

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