Catching Crabs – In the Bush

One of the fun things to do on a small Island is to go catch crabs!  Its with your bare hands to so you have to know the technique on how to grab the crab or you will get pinched very uncomfortable and might even lose a little bit of skin.


Dad with his keen eye scouting for movement. IMG_20170808_161259.jpg

Selfie before I go potentially lose a finger to a crab, why not!  First time to do this.


We were catching the common variety crabs but if you go out at night you can find the Cocunut Crabs, which are a lot bigger and smarter and don’t come out in the day but do exist in Tuvalu.

Coconut Crab

Lets just say that navigating stumps and logs and mud to get to scurrying crabs was not without getting dirty.


Here we are with half a bucket, we ended up filling the whole bucket up and taking it back,  washing the crabs and then boiling them before digging in.


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