Gone Fishing – Be Back Soon!

One of the staple food items in the Pacific and Tuvalu is fresh fish.  There are some men who have canoes or motorboats and the skills to catch the fish. My father in law is a good fisherman, Many times he went out early in the morning around 4 AM and was out several hours before coming back around 8 or 9 AM.  Plenty of times he came back with fresh Tuna,  king fish, barracuda, and other species that he caught.  Here with one of his many prizes.



Just returning with the outrigger sea canoe.


My dad in law is very good at making handmade lures out of feathers and supplies.  Here he is with one of his buddies making some new one.


Here a official from the fisheries office records the weights and lengths of the catches which helps them keep up with what is happening to the shoals of fish in there waters.


Nice catch and ready to take it home to process.


One of the uncles caught a shark,  gutting it on the beach as son watches dad before taking it back to home to process further.


Some of the boys play with small sharks while the others grab the tuna and head for the higher shore. Tide is coming in.


Dad is happy for the catch, some of the fish will be cooked right away and the rest will go in the small freezer.



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