South Pacific Life – Island Style!

After embarking on the Tuvalu Island of Niutao, we set about getting into the routine of of life for a few weeks, Island Style! The main house with living room and toilet and bedroom and storage area.  Water Collection from the roof flows into a water tank.


Then beside the main house is a outdoor kitchen and another building with raised floor for taking naps and sleeping in the cool outdoor air.  The main house was made of concrete and took awhile to cool down  after a hot day, but the buildings outside allowed the cool night air to flow through them and brought cooling down results much more quickly.  You can see the coconut husks stacked under the building,  those are used for fires.


Hanging out with Mom and Dad and having a good time.  Mom was getting ready to fry some fresh tuna.


Mom enjoying a moment reading.


Dad giving Mom a massage at end of day while she reads the Bible.





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