To Funafuti Tuvalu! – North and Hotter

After enjoying our wedding and time in Suva Fiji with many friends and family, we headed north, to experience the small country of Tuvalu.  I was excited o meet many more family members from my wife’s family.  A small Turbo Prop plane made a 3x a week flight from Suva Fiji to Funafuti Tuvalu.  This small country, a series of 9 islands spread across the remote pacific formerly called Ellice Islands, a protectorate of the British empire before gaining independence.  This beautiful and remote country was where my wife grew up before going to boarding school in Fiji as a teenager for 4 years and then University in Taiwan for 4 years after that.  Despite being away for much of the last 8 years this was her home and birthplace, Timeless Tuvalu.



After a two and a half hour flight cruising over blue water at about 18,000 ft the capital and main atoll island was in sight, Funafuti.  The pilots must have been having a lot of fun because we descended quite rapidly, to where your stomach felt like it was floating inside your chest  as the plane dropped from the sky and headed towards the airport strip.  I had never been on a commercial flight that dropped so quickly through the sky! Even though we flew 2.5 hours north it was actually hotter in Funafuti Tuvalu because it was closer to the equator.

Here is a Youtube video that shows the decent into Funafuti.



Just landed and unloaded / reloading for takeoff

Landing in Tuvalu Airport



Taking off in Tuvalu airport.


After landing in Funafuti, a kind relative of my wife paid for us to stay 3 days in the Viaku Langi Hotel in Funafuti.  We enjoyed that and took our time to go around the capital and ride our loaned motorbike up and down the atoll and visit her friends and relatives.

Sunset in Funafuti Atoll

After a couple days in the capital we headed to another one of the small islands that make up Tuvalu, Niutao.


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