To Niutao Island – 65 Hour Boat Ride

We spent a couple days in Funafuti Tuvalu and then boarded a small vessel doing a loop to 3 of the other islands that make up the nation state of Tuvalu.  Niutao was the last island on the loop before the ship came back to the capital city Funafuti which made our journey quite long. IMG_20170801_085947.jpg

Waiting for people and supplies to finish boarding.


And Off we finally went, many many hours of blue water ahead. There wasn’t much to do except watch many miles of beautiful blue ocean wash by, here is this pic enjoying instant coffee while there is a thunderstorm in the distance. After a few minutes you could feel the large energy waves from the storm pass under the boat.


When the sun was out it was the most beautiful sparkling blue ocean.



This is where you could get a great view of the ocean,  lower level access point,  It was close enough to the water that a occasional large wave would send some over spray into your face.



Video of the view!


After the half day and overnight travel we arrived at the one of the Islands along the way.  The island did not have a port like Funafuti so the only way to load and unload people and cargo were 2 boats that ferried them back and forth.  The process was slow and so the ship would hang out on the island side protected from the waves while the boats went back and forth hour after hour with people and goods.


Unloading concrete blocks and concrete  headed for a construction project on the island.






People coming to get on the vessel, likely headed to the capital. When people came to board they had to time when to get off based on the swell of the wave, get off to late and your boat would dip to low and you could lose your footing.  Unfortunately one person fell off when a larger wave came at the wrong moment and had to be pulled out of the water.




Unloading frozen Tyson chicken from the USA!!




Locals enjoying talking while we all wait for the ship to finish loading.



Elderly Grandma with hand fan to help keep cool in the heat.


A lot of interesting sights and sounds along the very long journey,  most people were going economy and bringing there own sleeping mats and food and simple finding a place aboard the lower, middle, or upper deck to claim and lie down. We had a first class room aboard the ship with air conditioning which was nice, Nancy was most comfortable lying down or she would start to feel seasick.  So I ventured out To get her food and drinks and take a break and see the different activities going on at different stages of the journey and talk to people on the ship.

Then we finally arrived.  Niutao Island Tuvalu.



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