Goodbye Niutao – Back to the Capital

We had been on Niutao for about 8 weeks and thoroughly enjoyed it.  For me getting to experience the culture people and food was a very unique experience, and for my wife it was a familiar world.  The day came when we headed back to the main capital Funafuti. my wife’s parents needed to work on some paperwork in the capital and I needed to get back to the North Carolina for work, and to work on a visa so my wife could come to the USA.  So we all headed to the capital together. IMG_20170922_135519

We waited for this cargo boats to fully load with our traveling companions.


Last minute selfie.


Lots of supplies going to Funafuti,  Mats, empty fuel drums to be refilled, and a brand new handcrafted outrigger canoe, maybe for a relative or or possibly for sale headed to the capital.


A few minutes after the ship had secured the people, cargo, and transport boats we headed south.  Niutao is about a mile across and it began to grow smaller and smaller.


Till all you could see was a faint line just sticking up about the blue water.  Oral history goes back about 7 generations which could be 350-600 years. But its possible that people lived here long before then as well.  Choosing to make a home on this small oasis in the vastness of of the pacific ocean.




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