Preparing for a Wedding – Lets Get to Work!

While we were on the island a local couple got married and we were able to see and participate in the whole process.  First stage of events was for the couple to go to court, bring witnesses and answer a few questions from the judges.  After that they were given a marriage certificate.



Some tough questions but also some laughs as well.


After the the questions and marriage certificate given some food was brought out and the people present had some lunch including the judges.



The next morning there was early preparation for the wedding.  All the chicken and pork fish and other foodstuff was prepared the lunch.



Preparing chicken and slicing up the pig for the fire.



Coconut husks make a hot fire, then overlaid with coral rocks.  the pig meat, chicken, fish, and breadfruit is all piled on and then they cover with banana leaves and mats and the meat is cooked for several hours.


Scraping coconut meat out of the shells, after several big white piles of shredded coconut meat were made it was the squeezed to separate the coconut milk.


Squeezing the milk out of the scraped coconut meat.  Very rich milk you could not drink more than a little.  The added sugar and boiled it down to make a sweet milky coconut cream that was added over top fish and pulaka.



Hand compressing the grated coconut meat to get separate the milk.


Ladies preparing dishes.



Dishes ready to be distributed.


Dancing celebrations!


Traditional Dancing at the wedding.


And picture with the happy couple, congratulations on your new life together.



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