Tour of the Island – History and Legends

One day my wife’s uncle Vaguna took us on a short tour of the island, They have several interesting stories about the history of the island.  One of which was the legend of the giant that was buried there.   You can see the size of the grave below about 12 ft long. they said in olden days there were 3 giants that protected the Island and could make the island invisible to invading forces through witchcraft.


Here uncle is showing me the largest pulaka pit on the island,  there oral tradition says that they made a invading enemy force dig it out with slave labor once they defeated them.


Was quite large, unfortunately there was some saltwater intrusion which was making the bottom of the pulaka roots rot in some places.


Here is a memorial to one of the first missionaries to Niutao island,  The chief didn’t like his message and hit him over the head with a local club killing him.  They said it was a Samoan man that first came to Niutao 100 years ago with the Gospel.


There was another story of how the chief of the island wanted tobacco and through a trance saw a ship carrying tobacco from America to Australia and put a spell on the captain to make him go off course.  Well they said that ship got caught in the reef off of Niutao and the crates of tobacco were thrown off the ship to lighten it and floated ashore.  They said there is a large anchor covered in coral on the ocean floor just off the island.  Had a lot of fun taking the tour and hearing the history and legends of the area.


Here driving through the bush to get to the largest pulaka piton the island.

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