Various Pictures – Around Niutao Island

Here are some various pics.


Ducks being raised in safety in a cage before being getting larger to let loose and roam.

IMG_20170806_094937 (1)

Large Corral and rock wall heaped up by last major storm event.  From where I standing its about 6 ft tall.  Some typhoons can heap up rock and coral walls 12-15 ft.  IMG_20170810_161612

As the corral is heap up and thrown ashore vegetation inches further out  and the island land mass can actually grow.


Some beautiful corral pieces.


Picture of the lagoon center of the island, is not 100% fresh but is much less salty than the ocean water.  It rises and falls with the tide because the pressure from the ocean flowing through the porous coral rock that makes up this island.


Gravel paths going by the lagoon. No cars on this small island, only motorbikes and a couple tractors.


weaving a hand fan out of painted coconut leaves.


Going to a event, wearing a traditional skirt made of long thin leaves from a pandunus tree and a hand made garland of fresh leaves and flowers.


Time to go to a feast.



At the one of the feasts with dad. While we were there we must have gone to at least 12 different occasions.  Plenty of feasts, it was part of the culture to have lots of community events and speeches.  Sitting on hand woven mats made from the long thin leaves of the pandunus tree.






With a auntie.


The 2 cargo and passenger ships that make circuits around he 9 islands that make up Tuvalu are the lifeline of the county,  Bringing goods and taking people to and from the capital city Funafuti.  Depending on the schedule of the ships, a ship could come once or sometimes twice a month.  Loading and unloading usually took 6-10 hours and then the ship would depart.  This particular morning the ship arrived I walk the couple hundred yards it took to get to the beach and as I stepped out on the the beech from the trees this site greeted me. It was high tide and a stunning view, the sky and sea looked like they were melting into each other.  gave the appearance of the ship floating in the sky.


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