Hello! My name is Silas, I and my wife Nancy created Our Family Daily to be a special place. We want to genuinely encourage, uplift and inspire your life with the content here.

We love to to travel and to experience new places, cultures, foods, and sights across the world, and we hope you do too!

Many people have a desire to go, do, see, experience,  to travel beyond their immediate daily routine.  Travel can be anything from going to a cafe in a local downtown to getting on a plane and traveling to a remote  part of the world.  A desire to travel starts with a  hunger to see  the world outside and the courage to take the first step to to a new destination.  In choosing to share our travel and life experiences here on our small corner of the web we hope that it inspires you on YOUR journey!


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Our relationship began over 3 years ago, I am from NC and was working for a local business near Charlotte, North Carolina, Nancy is from Tuvalu, a small country north of New Zealand and Fiji in the South Pacific. She had applied for and and been granted a international student scholarship from Taiwan to study International Heath and Nursing Administration. She was busy studying through her degree in at National Taipei University of Nursing and health Science in Taipei, Taiwan.

We both had a simple prayer, “Lord, help me meet the right person that you have for me” We were both open to new possibilities and happened to be on Christian Dating For Free where we struck up a conversation, sent each other a Facebook friend request and the rest is history! Getting to know each other was a patient process, and being in a long distance relationship was challenging at times. Nancy had a busy study schedule and had many classes and assignments. We talked about school frequently especially when Nancy needed someone to discuss ideas for projects or just de-stress from the busy routine of studying. We always kept the line of communication open daily and were available to grow in our relationship during the busy and slow times. Many phone calls, video calls, letters, and several visits to Taipei, we grew to know each others vision and heart even more clearly and chose to partner together as best friends and lovers for life.  We have experienced a long distance relationship and a cross culture relationship and it has been stretching and rewarding at the same time!

We got married in Suva Fiji, South Pacific on 07-07-2017. and then took a 4 month long leave of work and study to enjoy our time together and bond and of course get to know my wife’s side of the family better! Its been an amazing journey and were thankful that were still on the adventure and we can walk life’s road together by the grace of God.