Exploring Nadi Fiji – Going to a Local Village

So we had spent about a week in Suva and had a blessed time together and with family.  We decided to go to Nadi where the international capital was and spend the remaining couple days before I have to fly back to work in North Carolina.  We passed lots of interesting sites along the way, such as this container business. It appeared from the sign that people were using converted units for office space.



Lots of greenery along the way.


Houses were not far off the main road and you could see people cooking and hanging up cloths,  Living daily life.


Once we arrived and had checked in to the hotel we both felt the hunger pangs and decided to go get some food.  Here we are eagerly waiting for out lamb curry.  yum!


We stayed at the Tokatoka Hotel Fiji  Which was a really nice place, not far from the airport.  Pool, Waterside, Restaurant, Spa, all in house.  Or you can also get a taxi and go to town where there are plenty of shops and restaurants.


We were asking the hotel taxi driver about local villages and he said hey you can go on a village tour its only $5 fijian.  So we decided to do that the next day.  We drove around the valley and got a really nice tour by car.  Then we headed to the village.


Here we are in one part of the village.  Surrounding houses in the outer area of village was home to about 1000 locals.


The village church.


Memorial stone with different names of I believe pastors that had served in that church.


This is the village drum, the is what was used in olden days to summon send messages through the valley, the sound carries very far.


Holding the wooden drum clubs.


And our tour guide is getting worried that I might be getting ready to summon the village. No worries I didn’t beat the drum.


We walked back around the church and went and bought some handicrafts that the local ladies of the village had made and then we left the village and went back to nap during the hot afternoon.


So we had a blessed time and then the time came for me to get back to work again.  Us together before I went through security.  Till we meet again my God hold you in the palm of his hand.  Love you Dear.



Los Angeles a little over 10 hours away.  Strong tailwind of 117 km an hour helped push the plane over the pacific.



Exploring Suva Fiji – Beautiful Weather

Taking one of the many taxi rides to get around Suva.  They had multiple roads under construction at the same time so was tough to get around some places.


Here a couple fishermen either heading to fish or selling there catch along the harbor. Boats would go up and down the wharf and people who wanted fish would flag them down to buy  fish.


Some nice trees along the wharf.


One of the many bus stops throughout the city.


View of some of the different boats in the harbor.


Glassy water.


A cruse ship briefly stopped in and the passengers were able to get out and shop.


Park in Suva by the McDonald’s.


View accross one section of Suva.  You can see the Ocean below if your at the right vantage point.


Getting some fried rice at the MCHH Mall food court.


Here we were at the new Taiwanese Restaurant that just opened in Suva.


Family Crossing the street, holding hands and making a group trek across the road.


Demodar City Shopping Center, always busy and full of cars and a popular destination.  MHCC and Demodar City two very popular shopping centers in Suva.


Hanging out at Gloria Jeans Coffee at MHCC.  Good to be together.


Time to Say Goodbye – For a While


It was a precious time from June to October that I was able to spend with my gal spanning 3 countries, from Taiwan, to Fiji, then Tuvalu.  But work was calling and and much as I hated to be apart from my wife I needed to get back to prepare things.


Sunset in Funafuti, Tuvalu


Me, Nancy, Mom, Dad and various cousins and grandkids. We took a ride up and down the island.


Last minute Selfie.


Many different family members each gave me a shell necklace to remember them by.


Till we meet again!


Flying out of Funafuti, you can see the thin atoll home to about 4500 people.



When you suddenly realize that your experiences have changed you.  New cultures, people friendships, and memories.


Flying into Suva en route to USA.



Getting a burger in Nadi International  Airport while waiting for flight to Los Angles.

IMG_20171013_203739 (1)

And we are off to LAX.


Goodbye Niutao – Back to the Capital

We had been on Niutao for about 8 weeks and thoroughly enjoyed it.  For me getting to experience the culture people and food was a very unique experience, and for my wife it was a familiar world.  The day came when we headed back to the main capital Funafuti. my wife’s parents needed to work on some paperwork in the capital and I needed to get back to the North Carolina for work, and to work on a visa so my wife could come to the USA.  So we all headed to the capital together. IMG_20170922_135519

We waited for this cargo boats to fully load with our traveling companions.


Last minute selfie.


Lots of supplies going to Funafuti,  Mats, empty fuel drums to be refilled, and a brand new handcrafted outrigger canoe, maybe for a relative or or possibly for sale headed to the capital.


A few minutes after the ship had secured the people, cargo, and transport boats we headed south.  Niutao is about a mile across and it began to grow smaller and smaller.


Till all you could see was a faint line just sticking up about the blue water.  Oral history goes back about 7 generations which could be 350-600 years. But its possible that people lived here long before then as well.  Choosing to make a home on this small oasis in the vastness of of the pacific ocean.




Suva Showcase – Here We Come!

“We have to go to the showcase!” at least that’s what Nancy’s small friends thought. People were flocking in from the surrounding area to go for the rides, food and goods for sale, and it was just matter of fact that we were going as well. It was after all a nice break from the daily routine and something to look forward to. We headed to the showcase later that day, (the equivalent of a small county fair,) paid the entry tickets and were admitted inside.


Next thing you know we were surrounded by throngs of people, booths of food, and different rides that had been set up across the grounds. With many rides to choose from we decided we would do two rides and then go explore the food court. The most prominent ride was the small Ferris wheel that was set up. We got in line and and had time to watch a couple of groups of riders enjoy the wheel ride before we did.


After a few minutes it was our turn to board, we got on our seat and were rotating slowly up while they disembarked the previous riders. Once they had it fully loaded with new people there was about 5 minutes of the wheel going full speed. It didn’t look very fast from the ground, but once you were up on it it felt higher and faster than you originally thought!!


After the Ferris wheel we walked around the grounds and went to the food vendor area section and looked and things got some ice cream and BBQ plates. The food court where chairs and tables were set up were 100% full so we went and found some stairs to sit on the nearby Vodafone arena and sat down to enjoy our food. All in all we had a good time and enjoyed being at the event, especially because the younger ones were obviously enjoying it, very carefree, all they had to do was ask for money from Nancy and they would get it for rides and food all night!! imagine that! It is simply fun being around a lot of people in a energized event, and with food and rides it made it even more fun for all of us. Mission Accomplished!


Enjoying Pacific Harbor – Fiji Islands

Just about a hour and ride from either Nadi or Suva is a great destination called Pacific Harbor, We went there with some family and friends and thoroughly enjoyed it. We accessed the beach from the Uprising Beach Resort and because we drove up and just wanted to be there for a few hours in the afternoon they kindly let us in no charge which was nice. There was a stunning view of a island further out visible from the beach.


We relaxed and enjoyed the balmy weather.


Can’t be at a beach without a quick round of volleyball!


And nothing like sitting in the soft sand and enjoying the warm waves splash over you.


Wow the wave is a little bigger than anticipated!


after a few hours of swimming and volleyball we were all ready to head back and get something to eat.


Love you babe!

Walking Fisherman’s Wharf

Walking the Fisherman’s Warf in Tamsui Taipei Taiwan. Here On the Lovers Bridge of Tamsui fun place and great view of the bay and the marina.

Very open not crowded like the many markets but still some vendors here and there. Such as this particular artist who sketches a quick portrait for 100 NT (About $3 USD)

Here a eager vacationer decides to get a self portrait!

And waiting towards the end of the portrait not such a smile but good it’s almost finished!

And Back to get some food! Tally Ho! @OurFamilyDaily