3 Months of Apart -Time For a Reunion!

I had been in the USA about 3 months, it was January, work had temporarily slowed down and My wife was in Fiji with her extended family. So thankfully the opportunity arose to go see her.

CLT to San Francisco.


Flight to Nadi On Time! Oh Yeah!


Selfie before taking off. Buddy behind me was participating in selfie too and I didn’t even know guess he was happy to be going to Fiji too.


Arrival in Fiji. Captain set the plane down so softly could hardly tell we even landed.


And with my dear wife again. Hanging out at MHCC mall in Suva Fiji.


Starting a Blog  – A Journey

Starting a blog is a big decision. You may think you don’t have enough to share, that your story, or your writing doesn’t matter, that you aren’t enough of a tech guru, or that its much work to do a blog to record your experiences, or that it will cost to much to have your own website.

None of that is true! Whether your wanting to do a family blog, mommy blog, travel blogs, art / photography blog, or whatever else of the myriad of topics and interests there are you can do it! Your experiences do matter, and telling your story through meaningful pictures and text is really fun. Even knowing you may be writing about a experience later helps you in the moment to take meaningful pictures and notice fun facts that may interest others.

This article on Becoming Minimalist  is a especially great resource on why you should blog, very inspiring with key points on why a blog is beneficial.  Having a blog on your little corner of the web gives you the ability to control your content. The ability to write real stories with length, words and pictures complimenting each other in a meaningful narrative is fantastic. Worst case scenario it will stretch your personal creative writing and reading skills. Best case scenario you will impact others in a positive way through your story and content.

You can head over to WordPress and get a free .wordpress domain for starts, once there are plenty of free themes.  If your would like pay for a .com domain you can upgrade later. If your really looking for a certain look on your website or blog you can also upgrade to  premium theme later.

Once you claim your domain, and select your website theme,  it’s just a matter of hitting the Write tab and getting started on your first post!